• Constantly upskilling, monitoring & improving

A commitment to adding value and improving operations

What makes the Tudor Group different?

We believe it’s our commitment to delivering a superior level of service and doing the job right, every time.

It sounds a simple thing, and the very least you should expect from a supplier. But in our experience, many other providers make big promises up front, then fail to deliver over time.

At the Tudor Group, if we’ve put our name to something, it’s a personal commitment we’re making. We invest a great deal into building a collaborative relationship with our clients, and proving we’re the right choice, time and time again.

Constantly upskilling, proactively monitoring, continually improving

We are always looking for new products and techniques that will improve our commercial cleaning services or add value. Through rigorous reviews and the close monitoring of contracts, we pre-empt problems before they arise, ultimately delivering constructive solutions that cut costs and improve efficiencies.

We’re proud to have a dedicated and diligent workforce, and invest heavily in their training. We positively empower our staff to look for areas of improvement, and encourage their views and ideas. After all, they’re best placed to see where a small change could make a big difference.

In other words, we will always look for a way to do what we do better.

Contacting us

To find out how our range of cleaning services could work for your business, please call 0161 789 3550