Jet Washing

Jet washing is a powerful way to clean exterior coatings, facings and brickwork, and delivers a faster and more effective result than traditional cleaning without the need for harmful chemicals. However it’s not a one-size-fits-all service. What’s right for a modern building won’t necessarily be right for a landmark property that needs stone restoration for example.

Our jet washing services are tailored to each individual site and requirements. We use the very latest jet washing equipment and use the minimum energy and resources possible, even when there is no water supply available as we carry water in our machines, all without compromising on our exacting standards.

Our hot water jet washing services include:

Building exteriors
We make sure your business or property makes the right impression before anyone even steps inside. We work on a wide range of buildings, offices and hotels: from the very big to the very small. Includes coatings, facings, brickwork and stone work.

Driveways, Pathways and Car Parks cleaning
We hold contracts for a number of high profile centres, hotels and business parks that trust us to maintain their external spaces; keeping pathways and public spaces clear and clean.

Chewing gum removal
Whether you have a one-off requirement or want to schedule regular removals, we specialise in getting rid of built-up chewing gum.

Gullies and drains 
Jet washing your gutters and gullies regularly can prevent numerous issues in the future. We can build in a regular jet wash into your schedule, or just call on us for a one-off clean.

Here when you need us
It’s impossible to build every eventuality into a schedule, so we also offer a range of additional services that you can call on when the need arises. These include MEWPS hire (Cherry Picker) and pest control.

Call our friendly team to talk through your requirement and for a no obligation quote on 0161 789 3550.