Client Details

Working with Fresh Start Waste, The Tudor Group has handled waste management for TfGM since June 2011.

All waste is segregated at source with a range of space saving, lightweight and lockable waste & recycling containers. Once the waste has been collected it is taken to the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) where a wide range of materials such as glass, metal, cardboard, paper, plastic, polythene and food is processed. Reprocessing recyclable materials into new products means less waste is sent to landfill.

Site surveys

Before collecting any waste, we undertook a survey of all sites, looking at requirements (which waste containers would be most appropriate), frequency, access etc. One cost-saving efficiency we brought in was changing from normal wheelie bins to lockable skips, which also makes the waste ‘more secure’ within the public domain.
Constant monitoring

We are in constant contact with sites, checking that there are no issues. Any urgent requirements, e.g. ‘spill kits’ that need emptying are responded to within a matter of hours.

We complete yearly collection schedules and produce reports for TfGM on a regular basis, including a Waste Analysis Report and Reports on tonnage collected.

Constant improvement

We have recently carried out a ‘Time and Motion’ exercise for TfGM over a number of months, which has identified the division of rubbish. This will result in cost savings which are passed on to TfGM.